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[Discipline inspector , Notes] An oil card pulled out of "case in case"

※ Published: 2019-12-24 7:30:35 ※ Published Author: habao ※ Where from:

As soon as I went to work on November 26, the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, where I was located, was dispatched to the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team of the Municipal Transportation Bureau. Clues and video of gas station.

The video showed that at noon on November 4, a taupe bus and a white car drove one after the other into the Danshan gas station in Xiangcheng District. After the car stopped, a strange scene appeared: the driver of the bus took out the fuel card, and after operating the fueling pile, directly fueled the white car next to it for almost 1 minute, and then refueled the official car.

"Now we must grasp the situation of the white car ..." Gui Wenjie, the leader of the disciplinary inspection and supervision team, made an immediate decision and arranged for my colleagues and I to rush to the public section for investigation.

Upon arriving at the public section, we immediately checked the vehicles parked by the unit and found that there were grey-brown buses in the video, but no white car was found. The main person in charge of the public section: "This bus is indeed our unit. These days, the driver with the surname Wang is driving." "What about the white car?" I asked. The person in charge of the office recalled, "The white car seems to be Master Wang's private car!"

"Say like this, who is driving the private car of Master Wang at noon on November 4?" Later, we decided to head to head and notified the tan bus driver Wang to come to the conference room to verify.

"Did you refuel your private car when you refueled the bus?" "No, I did not refuel the private car." Facing an inquiry, Wang Mou denied it. When I saw this, I showed decisively: "Did you refuel your private car at the Xiangshan Xianshan Gas Station not long ago?" After hearing this, Wang stood up nervously.

I motioned for Wang to sit down, and poured a glass of water and handed it to him, "We have received a report. Escaping is not the way. You need to be honest about this ..."

Wang Mou pondered for a while, and explained it in various ways. According to Wang, it ’s a matter of last week to refuel the private car with the official gas card. The reason was that considering that Gao, who was also a driver, had helped himself a lot, he found an opportunity to use the gas card of the bus to give Gao A private car refueled as a thank you.

"The time of Wang's explanation was last week, but the issue we mastered was a week ago ... Wang's explanation is most likely a new situation that we did not grasp." While soothing Wang, I went back and wrote down the explanation. While letting the driver notify Gao Mou to verify.

Upon hearing the news, Gao Mou came straight into the door and regretted it: "I knew it was the case, I shouldn't help him!" After investigation, Gao Mou's so-called "help" is the reporting line day we have. At noon, he helped Wang to drive Wang's private car to the gas station, and helped Wang to use the official card to refuel the private car. For this reason, Wang has always wanted to find an opportunity to thank Gao.

Seeing that the paper bag couldn't stop the fire, Wang also explained further. In order to thank Gao afterwards, on the morning of November 21, he used the official gas card to refuel Gao's private car. Things have finally come to an end here.

Recently, Wang and Gao were respectively punished by the government affairs records. The main leaders, deputy leaders, the head of the office and the team leader were respectively treated with reminders, education and exhortations.

It's been half a month, but the case is fresh. I deeply understand that if you do not pay attention, many case leads will slip away. This requires the discipline inspection and supervision cadres to be good at finding problems from clues. Dreaming little boy shit

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