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Wuhu's First Little Reporter Science Carnival Held

※ Published: 2019-12-24 7:30:29 ※ Published Author: habao ※ Where from:

Hosted by the Wuhu Media Art (Little Reporter) Training Center, and organized by the China Merchants Bank Wuhu Branch and Metro New Metropolis, the first Little Reporter Science Carnival event attracted many young reporters and parents

On December 1st, the reporter came to the shared hall of Hall F of Wuhu International Convention and Exhibition Center and heard laughter as soon as he entered the door. Beginning on November 30th, organized by the Wuhu Media Art (Little Reporter) Training Center, and co-organized by China Merchants Bank Wuhu Branch and Metropolis Metropolis, the first Little Reporter Science Carnival event has attracted many young reporters and parents to participate. They experience In addition to happiness, there are all kinds of whimsical scientific performances. Many children, parents and mothers praised this activity again and again, hoping that such activities can be carried out frequently.

On the same day, the reporter noticed in the lobby that there were multiple exhibition areas and experience areas with different themes, including flight simulation, optimistic robots, magic cubes, ancient papermaking, etc. There were a bunch of young and big fans in front of each project. Onlookers or interactive experiences. At the scene of the simulated flight experience, with the help of the instructor, the children intuitively felt the real skills of aircraft taking off and landing and flying in various attitudes on the air through the computer program. At the same time, the instructor remotely operated the model aircraft to be displayed in the lobby Various movements, even dancing with background music.

It is understood that this little journalist's science carnival event is based on the theme of novel and interesting science, which aims to stimulate children's curiosity and lead children to fall in love with and approach science. After more than a month of careful preparations for this carnival event, many educational institutions in Wuhu with scientific and technological innovation as their educational purpose came together to participate. According to their own expertise, they brought scientist stories, scientific investigations, scientific experiments, scientific painting, aerial model performances, Technological activities such as robot parks are organically integrated and unique. Some parents said that when they arrived at the scene, they could truly feel that compared with some local children's activities involving scientific elements in the past, this little reporter carnival had a lot of highlights, both in content and scale.

The reporter found at the scene that in different exhibition areas and experience areas of this event, in order to bring different experiences to the children, all the institutions showed their “unique secrets” without reservation. Among them, Della College, which aims to guide curiosity and cultivate creativity, holds a characteristic scientific experiment show at the carnival site, takes children into the world of three geniuses, experiences air combat, fun and sports, and feels incredible. Pressure etc. And Yifei Hangmo is committed to let children of different ages inspire exploration in personal experience, cultivate hands-on ability, and realize the dream of becoming a little maker. Committed to let children of different ages inspire exploration and cultivate in personal experience. Hands-on ability. Year 3 Lele tried many times this year, and finally happily threw an aeroplane and crossed the obstacles. "I succeeded as the instructor said. This is the power of science."

In addition, the Lego Robotics Technology Center at Bangbei (Wuhu) used the Lego building blocks to build the Wangwang team every day, Mao Mao, and 1: 1 Captain Lego America, forest animals, small giraffes, fawns and big lions, attracting many sizes " Lego "fans. Friends not only can appreciate the charm of Lego's works, but also participated in Lego and received gifts. Bozan reminded me of the amazing education. Not only were various Rubik's cube products displayed on the site, but also a Rubik's large puzzle activity and the fastest restoration of Rubik's Cube competition, the babysitter and I brought a brainstorm to the children. In addition, Lei Cheng kids physical fitness center also conducts physical fitness tests for participating children, evaluates their physical fitness, and conducts interesting physical fitness training on the scene to allow children to master sports skills in games. Hengbao's teacher selected science picture books for children at the scene, so that children and parents knew which science stories were valuable. The teacher of Jingyi Fine Arts brought the children to experience ancient papermaking on the spot, so that children can feel that China has been proud of science and technology, human beings since ancient times.

At the scene on the same day, the co-organizer China Merchants Bank Wuhu Branch and Metro Metropolis took the responsibility of co-organizing their duties seriously. All young journalists who signed up for the event received a beautiful gift prepared by China Merchants Bank Wuhu Branch. The Metropolitan Metropolis also actively provided consultation and guidance on the scene, which helped the smooth development of the event. At the scene, many big friends also paid attention to the new city metropolis, "This project is good. It is about 500 meters south of the intersection of Cangjin and Dagongshan, and the location is very good." The relevant person in charge of Wuhu Media Art (Little Reporter) Training Center introduced that Wuhu Media Art (Little Reporter) Training Center is to create the best place for children to go out of school, so that they can enhance their comprehensive ability and literacy in the joy and relaxation outside of class.

Li Xiaoshu, 2017 Top Ten Graduate Student of Anhui Medical University. In 2008, she entered the imaging professional study of Anhui Medical University. From ignorant undergraduate to female doctor who was a one-sided person, she left too many stories about her and imprinted too many struggles and youthful memories. During my undergraduate years, Li Xiaoshu ...

Graduation school: Hefei No. 168 Middle School Currently studying: University □ Cao Xinlong collated Xu Xu to talk about the title of "learning hegemony", it is not the property of geniuses, it can belong to every love to learn ...

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