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Cuiping District, Yibin: Resolving the "Weak People's Livelihood" Checklist of Common People and Enhancing Residents' Gain

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China News Network, Sichuan News, December 11th (Wu Pinghua, Ye Changrong) "The community helped us form a tambourine band and helped us find a good place. On the line, in the Jinshajiang community, Xijiao Street, Cuiping District, Yibin City, the community tambourine band Liu Yihe ’s team members are trumpeting in the Communist Party and Masses Activity Center. It is reported that since the theme education of “Do n’t forget the original heart and keep in mind” has been launched, the Jinshajiang community “opens the door to engage in education”, actively soliciting the residents ’livelihood issues "People's livelihood" checklist, effectively solve the people's side, and improve the community's ability to serve the masses.

The community tambourine band was established in October this year, and the team members are ordinary residents of the community. They usually take their grandsons, dance square dances at home, and long for richer community activities. "I didn't expect us to casually say that the community took it so seriously." Liu Yi said that after the community learned that they wanted to establish a tambourine band, the community staff soon came to negotiate with them to form the tambourine band. At the same time, The community actively coordinates the venue and arranges the tambourine band to rehearse the tambourine at the community party and mass activity center at a fixed time every week, which effectively provides a platform for fans to communicate and participate.

"Recently we have newly established 4 literary and artistic teams." Liu Yi introduced that according to the residents' hobbies and needs, the community has organized a number of cultural and entertainment groups such as the Hulusi Band and the Tambourine Band. "The establishment of the band makes our later years more healthy and happy. At the same time, we can also contribute to the development of community cultural undertakings and community governance." Talking about the band, Liu Yi was proud.

It has nothing to do with the masses. The Jinshajiang community combined the party construction with a grid-based division of labor, and carried out activities such as "social workers enter the home, warm the sands", "I offer wisdom and ideas for wisdom and sands," and other activities. Visiting activities of households, actively collecting residents' opinions on community party committees and individuals, community governance and development.

"Multi-organize residents to carry out amateur cultural and entertainment activities", "Jindi farmer's market needs to be improved", "I hope to add seats in the community to facilitate residents to rest" ... educate the public opinions and checklists outside the community on the theme of "don't forget the original intention and keep in mind" On the bulletin board, the various problems reported by residents were put on the wall one by one.

"Everything has a response, everything has a fallout." In the community's Jindi Farmers Market, the residents reflected the problems that the market needs to be improved. The community actively docked with the market management party, arranged for a special person to clean up the market regularly, and urged the market party to strengthen management on fire protection channels and standardized booths. Item order.

According to Wu Yalan, party committee of Jinshajiang Community, Xijiao Street, Cuiping District, the community will sort out the problem list, rectification situation and responsible persons, and publicize the supervision phone, and accept the supervision of the public. At the same time, the community party committee should also implement the responsible person one by one according to the list of issues and the time schedule, and do a good job of rectification. (Finish)

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