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Public reporter training for Botou Experimental School in Zhanhua District was established

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) On September 17, the training of young reporters in Botou Town Experimental School, Zhanhua District, Dazhong.com was officially established. 50 young reporters joined the Datong Young reporters' group and learned the basics of news interview and writing on the spot.

Liu Decheng, executive deputy director of the Zhanhua District Customs Committee, Xin Jing, deputy director of the Zhanhua district committee of the Communist Youth League, Song Yongting, deputy director of the education supervision office of Zhanhua district, Liu Zhenxia, deputy party member and mayor of Botou town, Zhanhua district, and Guo Jiutao, director of Zhanhua, Dazhong. Jiang Min, director of the Office of Customs Work Committee of Zhanhua District, Zheng Xiugang, deputy mayor of Botou Town, Zhanhua District, Liu Zailin, director of the school district of Botou Town, Zhanhua district, and He, deputy principal of Botou Experimental School, attended the event.

Xin Jing and Song Yongting unveiled the training of young reporters at the Experimental School of Botou Town, Zhanhua District, Dazhong. The leaders at the event issued small reporter badges to 50 young reporters.

Young journalist Sun Bowen made a speech on behalf of 50 young journalists. She said, "Every time I see a reporter ’s uncle or aunt busy at the interview site, whenever I read an article written by them, I am envious and dream that I can one day Become a journalist. Now, I can achieve my wish, because I have become a glorious public reporter. At this moment, my mood is extremely happy and excited. "

In his speech, Liu Decheng said that the small reporter is a stage, which gives the students another channel and platform to obtain new knowledge, and an opportunity to showcase their talents. In order to be an excellent young journalist, it is not enough to have diligent hands, but also to have a brain that is good at learning and thinking. In life, we must pay more attention to the accumulation of knowledge. Guo Jiutao encouraged young journalists to observe carefully and record in detail what happened around them.

After the unveiling ceremony, Ji Xuemin, the director of the Public Channel office and the content director of the Market Operation Center, conducted a basic training in journalism and writing for young reporters on site. The contents of "how to write news reports" and "news techniques" were systematically used. Easy-to-understand language to teach students in a simple way.

"The establishment of Dazhong.com's young reporter training has set up a broad stage for everyone's progress and development. We should cherish this precious opportunity, actively participate in the activities of young reporter training, and learn, exercise, and do well in the training of young reporters. Grow, "said He, deputy principal of Botou Experimental School.

It is reported that after the establishment of primary journalist training, Dazhong.com will bring a variety of public welfare courses to the training of primary and secondary school students, and build a happy camp for young people with the school to lead children to learn knowledge in happiness.

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