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[Yibin News] Cuiping District: Deepening the "Putting Out the Service" Press

※ Published: 2019-12-8 12:37:56 ※ Published Author: habao ※ Where from:

Opening a restaurant like Liao Shihong originally required three departments to complete the formalities, but now it is one-window type, which only takes half the time.

Citizen Liao Shihong: After a lot of required materials are prepared, they can be all in one window, without having to run around, it is often convenient, and the speed is very fast.

In the process of optimizing and improving government services this year, Cuiping District has launched an innovative "scenario menu service", which is divided into different business scenarios according to the work items, work processes, etc., to create themed services. Currently, restaurants, Internet cafes, and beauty salons have been launched. , Supermarkets and clinics with five scene themes, realize one window of entry and exit, circulation in the background, let the masses run less, greatly improve the efficiency of work.

Zhao Xiaoqiong is the general manager of Yibin Multi-point Food Co., Ltd. In order to expand the company's business, he wants to develop as a tourist gift for Yibin. He specially set up the Yibin Impression Food Company and applied for the "Lizhuang Impression" trademark, but the development process is not like It was so smooth as expected.

Zhao Xiaoqiong, general manager of Yibin Impression Food Development Co., Ltd .: We want to take this opportunity to promote Lizhuang fresh meat mooncakes. Yibin people like to eat Lizhuang fresh meat mooncakes. (But) we are very difficult in the promotion process and we ca n’t find Lord's feeling.

Due to lack of channels, difficult site selection, and blocked promotion, in response to these practical problems facing Yibin Impression Food Development Co., Ltd., the Cuiping District Administrative Examination and Approval and the Non-Public Economic Bureau have repeatedly connected with Lizhuang Town Party Committee, Cultural Tourism Company and other relevant departments to help enterprises Matchmaking to establish a good communication platform.

Changxiang of Cuiping District Administrative Examination and Approval and Non-public Economic Development Bureau Policy and Regulations Unit: In the short term, we will provide support and guidance from policy support, site selection, product innovation, cultural and tourism integration, etc .; in the long term, we will continue to We will carry out "one enterprise, one strategy" and provide precise support to help enterprises integrate Lizhuang culture and tourism industry faster and better, and better bring "Impression of Lizhuang" with handicraft products to the market.

After two discussions and five dockings, the packaging of the "Li Zhuang impression" product has been initially completed, and the next issue is the layout of the flagship store.

Pan Chengjun, deputy director of the Lizhuang Ancient Town Scenic Area Administration Bureau: We are going to find a sales outlet with our company in the core area of our ancient town. Through the platform of Lizhuang, let their products be actively promoted with our Lizhuang cultural tourism products. .

From an inexplicable show, I dreamed that my mobile phone was lost to an orderly progress. The "intimate" service in Cuiping District gave Zhao Xiaoqiong's business a peace of mind and saw hope for development.

Zhao Xiaoqiong, general manager of Yibin Impression Food Development Co., Ltd .: gave us the opportunity to participate in the selection of "models" in production technology, allowed our technical team to pay attention, and also helped us communicate. Li Zhuang Cultural Tourism Company provided us with an opportunity for exchange and cooperation. thank you very much. Let us feel care and encouragement, and let us feel the feeling of finding a maiden family.

In the first half of this year, Cuiping District organized personnel to conduct more than 700 in-depth enterprise surveys, collected more than 120 questions, and formulated "one enterprise, one policy" precise assistance measures for 30 key enterprises, solving more than 40 actual difficulties of the enterprise. It also issued the "Implementation Opinions on Further Accelerating the Development of the Private Economy in Cuiping District", established a special development fund for the private economy, and helped companies to solve their water use from registration and unsecured financing to the establishment of the company with "friendly" services. Electricity and other issues.

He Xinglin, Deputy Director of the Administrative Approval and Non-Public Economic Development Bureau of Cuiping District: Continue to do a good job of "subtraction" and "quality addition" of service quality, and strive to build "pro" and "qing" government-business relations, and further refine and support private enterprises The development of 30 policies, especially in optimizing first-class business, stimulating the vitality of private investment and alleviating corporate financing difficulties, expensive financing, etc., for the Cuiping District Yongdang Yibin to accelerate the completion of the province's economic deputy center vanguard.

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