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Cuiping District of Yibin: Realizing the First Rural Property Rights Transactions 12

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The name of the boy next to the word “Zhongxin” Sichuan News December 2 (Wu Pinghua, Zeng Jiang, Ye Changrong) In order to regulate the rural property rights transaction behavior, benefit farmers, and accelerate the pace of promoting the rural property rights system, Cuiping District of Yibin City The first batch of rural property rights transactions on the Chengdu Rural Property Rights Exchange platform amounted to 12, with a total transaction amount of RMB 374.267 million.

Cuiping District is a provincial-level comprehensive rural pilot area and a pilot area for the integration of urban and rural areas. It is also the fourth batch of pilot areas in the country's rural collective property rights system. The first batch of rural property rights transactions marks a step forward in Cuiping District's rural property rights system.

"I contracted 206 acres of land at 4 communities in the hilly community of Songjia Town at a price of 930 yuan per mu. Through a professional rural property rights trading platform, our owners have obtained land management rights certificates, which has protected the interests of owners and farmers. Good. "Wang Song, deputy general manager of Cuiping District Agricultural Development Investment and Construction Co., Ltd. said that Songjia Town is geographically superior. In the next 10 years, it will use the contracted land to build agricultural science and technology parks.

According to the person in charge of the Chengdu Rural Property Exchange Yibin Institute (preparatory group), after completing the property rights transaction, the owner can pledge rural property rights to attract bank capital to promote industrial development, and can introduce performance insurance into the transfer of rural property rights to protect transactions. The rights and interests of the two sides will establish a closed-loop financial service system for banks, insurance and exchanges that truly solves agricultural financing difficulties.

As of now, the Chengdu Rural Property Exchange Platform covers 4 major categories of rural resources, assets, intellectual property, investment and financing services, and a total of 21 trading varieties can be traded on this platform.

"Through a professional trading platform, it will help promote the circulation of various types of rural property rights in accordance with law, openly, fairly and in an orderly manner." Zhao Bin, deputy director of rural and housing stocks in Cuiping District Agricultural and Rural Bureau, said that the platform is protecting agricultural benefits. On the basis of this, the rural assets were revitalized, the utilization efficiency of rural resources was improved, and the property income of farmers was increased. At the same time, the agricultural investment and financing mechanism was innovated to promote the prosperity and development of the rural economy. (Finish)

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