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2020 Postgraduate English Subtitle Content Matching Questions

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In the final stage of the sprint, we have to focus on topics that are easy to score. In our English II, the new question type is obviously easier to prepare for. As long as everyone knows where to examine this question and can master the corresponding problem-solving skills, it is quite easy to score 10 points for the new question type. Today, I will unveil the mystery of the new type .

This type of question type is placed in Part B of the entire postgraduate study, and we call it the new question type. The article consists of several paragraphs, and it is required to summarize the paragraphs for each paragraph, that is, to find the central idea and main theme of the paragraph. However, this question type is not for candidates to write the paragraph outline of each paragraph, but to ask candidates to choose from a list of options. In recent years, the number of alternatives often exceeds the number of paragraphs in the article, that is, there are multiple interference options. Usually choose 5 for 7/6, most choose 5 for 7.

Each option can only be used at most once, that is, two paragraphs can't be the same option. This is because the main purpose of different paragraphs is definitely different. The original text divides them into different paragraphs to express different contents. If the main idea of the two paragraphs is the same, that is, if the central idea expressed is the same, they should be combined into one paragraph, and it is not necessary to divide them into two.

Because after the theme of the article is determined, you can make a general guess about the overall structure and the author's writing thoughts. It will be helpful to solve the problem later.

Let's think about it first. How about the following method? First look at the first option and understand its meaning. Then read the paragraphs of the original text to determine which subtitle of the paragraph in the original text. Then proceed with the remaining options in the same way. Obviously, this approach is not good, because the number of options is more than the number of original paragraphs. Not only does this take a lot of time, but it is also very susceptible to interference. It is likely that the first option is the interference option. Candidates compare this option with the various paragraphs of the original text and find that there is no paragraph that matches it, which will waste a lot of time. The method we recommend is: look at the options first, look for keywords, and determine the passage you are considering. The benefits of doing so are twofold: first, it looks for option keywords, which may coincide with the core vocabulary of a certain paragraph. If they coincide, the option may be the correct answer. Secondly, determine the passages to be tested. You may not need to read the passages that are not yet taken. When reading an article, don't read the whole article at once, but read a paragraph and do a question. If the subtitle of the first paragraph of the original text has been found, then read the second paragraph, and then go to the options list to find the subtitle of the paragraph. Then read the third paragraph and do the same until it is complete. This is not only fast to do the questions, but also high accuracy.

3. Browse through the options one by one. When reading each paragraph, focus on reading the beginning, end, and transition of the paragraph to judge the argument; or repeated expressions. That is to grasp the subject sentence and core vocabulary, the correct answer is often a rewrite of the subject sentence.

Reading each paragraph does not mean that it must be read carefully. This is a waste of time and it is not easy to grasp the point. Candidates should grasp the topic sentence of the passage and read it carefully. Read the first sentence of the paragraph first, and then one-to-one correspondence with each option in the option list to determine the correct answer. The correct option is generally a rewrite of the sentence. If the answer is unsure, you should read the second sentence of the passage again, and then one-to-one with each option in the list of options. If the answer is still uncertain, you should continue to read the last sentence of the passage, and then one-to-one correspondence with the options in the options list. If you still can't find the correct answer, you need to read the whole paragraph. According to our research and statistics on real questions over the years, the topic sentence of a paragraph is more than 50% likely in the first sentence, approximately 20% in the second sentence, and more than 20% in the last sentence. That is to say, after doing the question type according to the above method, after reading the first sentence of the paragraph, you can find the subtitle of the paragraph in the option list. This possibility is more than 50%. Less than 10% of the entire paragraph needs to be read. This problem-solving method is not only supported by statistical data, but also theoretical basis. The paragraph expansion method in English is relatively simple. There are two main methods: Deductive Method and Inductive Method. Deductive method refers to viewpoints to examples and arguments, so the topic sentence is in the first two sentences of the paragraph. The paragraphs of the topic sentence in the first or second sentence are developed deductively. Inductive method refers to examples and arguments to opinions, so the topic sentence has a part or the last sentence in the middle of the paragraph. About 70% of the paragraphs are developed deductively, and most of them are in the first sentence. About 20% of the paragraphs are written by induction. Some candidates ask, "How do I know if a passage is written deductively or inductively?" Yes, I don't know if I don't read the entire passage. However, reading the entire paragraph is a waste of time, and because the sentence structure of the article is complicated, and there are some unfamiliar words, it is likely that the candidates do not understand it. Therefore, if you read the entire paragraph and then choose the topic sentence of that paragraph, not only is not enough time, but often the accuracy is not high. The method of grasping the topic sentence we introduced is to first consider that the paragraph is written deductively, and the topic sentence is in the first sentence. According to the meaning of the first sentence, the correct answer is determined in the option list. If an item in the list of options has the same meaning as this sentence, then it can be considered as the correct answer. If you are not sure, read the second and last sentence of the paragraph in turn, and then one-to-one correspondence with each option in the option list to determine the correct answer. Of course, if a turning sentence appears, it is also common in paragraph arguments, and it needs to be given priority. Practice has proved that this method not only saves time, but also has a high accuracy rate.

Finally, students learn to identify interference options. Disturbance options are often the details mentioned in paragraphs, but this type of question requires us to find the argument of the paragraph. This also means that to do this kind of question, we must grasp the topic sentence of the paragraph instead of reading the entire paragraph, otherwise it is particularly vulnerable to interference options.

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