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"Shenzhen Little Reporter" 114 program preview November 17, 2014

※ Published: 2019-12-24 7:30:41 ※ Published Author: habao ※ Where from:

Secretary Huang Ju Shenzhen Children's Channel Flower Children's TV Art Troupe 2014 Excellent Spring Festival Gala Show: Jazz Dance, Street Dance "Go Dancing"

Children's Channel of Shenzhen Broadcasting and Television Group Flower Media's 2014 feast on the three-dimensional stage feast of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf —— "Wish of Little Big Grey"

"Shenzhen Little Reporter" 114th program preview November 17, 2014-online broadcast-"Shenzhen Little Reporter" 114th program preview November 17, 2014-advertising-Youku.com

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