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Inspiration from Collecting Marketing Confessions

※ Published: 2019-12-23 9:52:50 ※ Published Author: habao ※ Where from:
友链平台 SEO是指通过采用易于搜索引擎索引的合理手段,使网站各项基本要素适合搜索引擎检索原则并且对用户更友好(Search Engine Friendly),从而更容易被搜索引擎收录及优先排序从属于SEM(搜索引擎营销)。 Nowadays, as long as you have the money, you can confess in the newspaper media of the premises. It is almost a piece of cake. "Wuhan first promoted online shop taxation to personal websites . YouChain platform SEO refers to the use of reasonable means for easy search engine index to make the website The basic elements of the item are suitable for search engine retrieval principles and are more user-friendly (Search Engine Friendly), which makes it easier to be indexed and prioritized by search engines and subordinates to SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Taobao's first online store was taxed 4.3 million "This is a soft confession that someone paid for with his power. A famous city in Wuhan, Hubei reported a few thousand yuan in confession fees. Ten rare websites have been reprinted! Focus on promoting the "My One Percent" firm of Taobao, a seller in Wuhan. Anyone who has read the soft text can search My One Percent Firm in Wuhan on Taobao. In fact, the article is about the taxation of online stores. As a collection of knowledgeable marketing experts Mao Xinhong, at first glance it is a confession. Most netizens have read the article and do n’t know about it. They have searched in Taobao online stores, which has greatly increased the popularity of my one-percent firm. Some people ask how can articles be confessed without a website? In fact, the real soft article without a website is more scary than the soft article!
There is also a model soft confession: It is also published in a famous evening newspaper in Wuhan, Hubei, "Farmers create environmentally-friendly hood authorities to subsidize the promotion of money." This article described a company owner as a story of how Xiantao farmers succeed in creating and how. In fact, if the Lord promoted the company's new range hood, we would not know that the so-called Xiantao farmer Huang Youjie had spent some money to confess. We have to admire the level of journalists today, can a popular marketing promotion article, pretend to be so wonderful? The hype, the soft-text promotion again and again, has always pushed those target audiences to be promoted to society.
Fairy peasants can be said to be poets and singers themselves. Collecting celebrities can create all kinds of news. 原创文章代写 搜索引擎优化对于任何一家网站来说,要想在网站推广中取得成功,搜索引擎优化都是至为关键的一项任务。 This is also true in the entertainment industry: Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung can plan divorce storms in order to attract everyone's attention again and again. Original articles write search engine optimization. For any website, if you want to succeed in website promotion, search engines Optimization is a critical task. After repeated speculation, fake materials can even be speculated for 1-2 months. Classmates in the information department, what you want to write after graduation is also propaganda and hype. If you do n’t do this, you will be able to bring the benefits of website promotion to your location unit, and you will not have a high salary. As ordinary people, we have seen these so-called self-hype, media marketing. What have we learned?
I want to be famous and a product to be promoted. Undoubtedly, confession is the best solution. Now it can be said that it is an era of confession. No matter the actual situation, it is still being collected. From this, various types of promotion and marketing are born. Small confession company. Now even the media are like this, and the media can't help it. In order to support so many people, they have to do so. TV stations have ratings. 智能云 所谓“针对搜寻引擎优化处理”,是为了要让网站更容易被搜索引擎接受。 You can plan blind dates endlessly. The so-called "optimized processing for search engines" by Smart Cloud is to make the website more easily accepted by search engines. You can find someone to do a show. In order to double the degree of adhesion, the newspaper may have deep exposure, digging some unseen news or things. With IP traffic on the website, the cost of confession can increase. In order to have a large amount of visitor traffic, you can hit the ball at any time and rape the netizens' eyes with a lot of stimulating words.
Summary: We can also write such a website promotion news draft, even better than the trainees from the news department, because we are too much educated. Watching TV, ubiquitous confession on TV, reading newspapers, just reading an article, at the end of the day, I saw the phone call on the bus, and I saw prostate and gynecological confession in a hospital next to my seat. I read the news on a famous website, and it seemed that I confessed. We dare not imagine the future of the media: fake news is flying everywhere. Fake information is everywhere, who else can we trust?
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