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How to Examine Questions in the Postgraduate English Composition

※ Published: 2019-12-23 0:57:02 ※ Published Author: habao ※ Where from:

It is less than a month before the 2020 postgraduate entrance examination. At this stage, most candidates focus on reviewing English writing and start looking for various templates. For our writing preparation, some materials are essential, but most candidates have overlooked a very important question, which is "how to review questions." Only by examining the questions can we understand the content of the questions, grasp the writing direction, and write qualified articles according to the requirements. In the following, we will take specific topics as examples to tell you how to review small composition topics.

2. "Congratulate" to judge the letter type is a congratulation letter, "invite" to judge the letter type is an invitation letter, so this is a combination of congratulation letter and invitation letter.

Through the above analysis, we will find that the review of the small composition is mainly five steps. The first judges the type of application, the second judges the letter type, the third judges the recipient, the fourth judges the signature, and the fifth judges the letter. The main content. If it consists of a large line of notification, the first judgment is the type of application. If it is to notify Shao Yifu's children, the keywords such as notice, announcement, announcement will appear in the title, the main content of the second judgment notification, and the third judgment signature. who is it.

All in all, for the topic of composition, reviewing the question is our first step, and it is often an important step. Once there is an error in the review, the subsequent writing will waste time, lose points, and lose more than gain.

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