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FUN is here] The thief sneaked into the pancake stall in the middle of the night and stole money to spread the cake for 7 days. The technology surpassed the master

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[Has the swan on the frozen lake? ] Recently, due to the sudden drop in temperature, the black swan on the Normal University has been on the frozen lake. The uncle of the school rowed to rescue the black swan, and the boat was on the frozen lake.

Goose: You do n’t understand, this is the strategy. I just want you to laugh at the geese, laugh until the sunrise is bright in the morning, and laugh until the ice is broken into pieces and the lake is thawing, hey, madam

Breeder Li Xuejie said that every year he waited for the lake to gradually freeze before the black swan was trapped in the ice to bring them back to the warming store because they were swimming too fast to keep up with the boat.

[Men sneaked into the pancake stall in the middle of the night to steal money and learn to spread cakes. The skill surpassed the master in 7 days.] Recently, the owner of a pancake stall in Kunshan found that the stall would have less change and ingredients every day. The police found that the man Shimou sneaked into the pancake stall for 7 consecutive nights. Not only did he steal the change, but also set up the stove, knead the dough, beat the eggs, taught himself to pancake, and took it to the Internet cafe for supper. In a few days, the technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, slipping past the master. At present, Shimou has been administered by the police according to law.

The little white rabbit and the little gray rabbit helped the old goat collect the cabbage. When it was finished, the old goat gave them a cart of cabbages. The little gray rabbit happily said thank you, but the little white rabbit said: I do n’t want cabbage, give me some seeds. .

[Farmer's e-commerce sells 26 yuan and 4500 kg by mistake, "Wool Party" frantically orders 7 million for bankruptcy] Recently, some netizens broke the news that a farmer's e-commerce company mistakenly wrote "26 yuan and 4500 kg" when selling fruit. After the operator found it, he led a large number of fans to place orders madly, with a total amount of up to 7 million, and then everyone complained that the seller could not ship, causing the seller to deduct 100,000 gold and close the store. Afterwards, the shop owner issued an apology letter and pleaded with the Wool Party not to complain, apply for a refund order, and give them a life.

People are always responsible for their actions. Since you feel that the store should be responsible for your mistakes, you should also be responsible for your other small business

In fact, it is needless to say how poor the store itself is. Even if the store is a rich second-generation, it should not be maliciously ruined by a small mistake. Regardless of disease, health, wealth, or poverty, everyone is just trying to make their lives better, and people who are doing their rightful deeds, should not be stricken by such malice. This is the simplest fairness we seek.

As a kid, my parents told me that when I grow up, I have to do something. But when I grew up, I discovered that not everyone has such parents.

This kind of malicious use of the bug price to fleece the wool or simply to complain about compensation is definitely not the first time, and it is definitely not the only one. He is also the one with the best results in this maliciously stacked "industry".

Some of the so-called bug prices are deliberately released by the owner to make sales. The goods are not correct or are simply fake. When the buyer is the store's wool, the store is the buyer's leek, everyone thinks they have won; some are really operating. Mistakes, honest people bear the malicious complaints rushed to the store, and even went to the store to close, the woolen wool turned into a bone knock, bone peeling and cramps.

Both Taobao and Station B have responded. Taobao claims that it has “upped up” the store, while Station B temporarily banned the account of person A.

[Male driver was checked in high heels: I feel curious] On November 5, Wuhan Police released a video showing that during the inspection, a male driver driving in high heels was found. After being checked, the driver said that he was going to buy bricks by car, and asked, "What is the relationship between buying bricks and wearing high heels?" The driver replied, "I feel curious."

[The son of a wealthy Indian businessman hid in a hotel to wash dishes, just to prove his potential] Recently, the son of Indian oil tycoon Padra for nearly a month. The police searched Delhi and Mumbai, but found no clues. Finally, they received a call from a hotel manager and eventually found the boy. According to police, when they found the boy, he was washing dishes in the hotel. What's even more ridiculous is that the boy said that he didn't like studying and didn't want to go to college. During this time, he had been working in high-speed public kiosks and restaurants, and had slept on the street. I have always wanted to escape from home to prove my potential.

When I was working hard and studying, I also imagined that my family was actually a billionaire. My dad pretended to be a poor man for the sake of training. After I succeeded by my own skills, he would let me inherit the 100 billion family property.

Although this young man has the courage to pursue the value of life, but ... let's talk about it after finishing college. It is meaningless to simply endure hardship. At least you must have a personal goal first, and it is meaningful to work hard for the goal.

Don't be discouraged, although you are now going home to inherit the dream of catching fish in 10 oil fields, but you are no longer an ordinary rich man, you are a rich man who can wash dishes!

[Uncle migrant worker responds to jumping on the streets: happiness is my normal state] Recently, a middle-aged man in Chongqing wearing a hard hat and a fat body jumped on the sidewalk. It instantly became a network "Explosion". The client, Uncle Yang: "I didn't pay any wages and I didn't encounter any joy. On the day I got off work to prepare for dinner, I jumped up while walking and singing." Master Yang worked as a carpenter at the construction site. Earning five or six thousand yuan a month, one person supports six people in the family. Although the family burden is heavy, it is still very cheerful. Although nearly 60, he looks younger than a 40-year-old worker.

Adults put down a line "Hahahahaha I laughed until I spent ten miles in the second half of my life hearing on hearing aids" and they were all expressionless, so simple and happy is so precious

I just want to make money for my mother, take her to buy clothes, iron her hair, eat and drink, and she carried the newly bought bag and said that I was great and did n’t raise it.

Here comes a Japanese clerk, who is said to be a mixed Chinese and Japanese, little girl, very tall, high enough to break our perception of Japanese, my father is from Northeast China, and my mother is from Tokyo, Japan.

Call her dad at night: Moses, Moses, dad, how about you haha? Ah, what about the whole string in the izakaya? You drink less, so my mother wo n’t go back and mumble about you, why do n’t you stay and fix it? If you stay in the hospital for the last time, it ’s not you that you are Ojisang?

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