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Superior heart comes with more beautiful light source

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Seeing the world with your eyes is unavoidable. You can see the world with your heart and close it to the bottom of your eyes. Touch the world with a superior heart, one person, one thing, one grass, one tree, one mountain, and one water.

Those who can collect the world in their hearts must possess a superior heart, not to be disturbed or noisy, but not to be shocked by the world's clothes, to show off their personality, and to show a bright and noble personality.

A superior heart is a solid heart, which must be impervious to air, and has the best spouse degree of the pig, which can be freely retracted; a superior heart is also a kind of legacy that is emitted after the baptism of dust and rain. Quiet.

This quietness, if it can bring its own light source, will make this superior heart full and full. Because I do n’t know how to give a rose, I have a fragrant fragrance for the rest of my life.

Those who have superiority are truly outstanding. Even if you have this world, you can still walk with your life quietly, and slowly fall in love with life, so that every day you go forward is colorful because of the abundance of your heart.

The longer the person is, the lighter it is. However, as long as the heart is full of sunshine, every story of joy and sorrow in life is a precious wealth generated by the original heart in the experience.

Life is full of mixed flavors, life is mixed, and a superior heart is bound to put all kinds of tastes in a proper place, and make life a happy look in your heart.

If looking up is a gesture of life, then the vastness of the blue sky and the deepness of the starry sky and the moonlit night will definitely present a silence of smoke and clouds, and looking up at a person with a light source in his heart will precipitate a superior heart, Thereby it exudes a kind of glorious beauty, placing a humble soul in a superior heart, and cultivating a gentle character.

If the heart is sunny, you will continue to seek and explore the uphill scenery. It may be difficult to walk against the wind, but it will always be richer and wider than the scenery seen by Yifeng.

People who are close to their own light sources can not only refer to their own lives in our lives, but also to illuminate others. Close to the person with a light source in your heart, you will get a steady stream of power, and it is this positive energy transmission that makes people's lives full of many unknown surprises.

We can't choose our destiny, but we can change it. Since life is a walk, no matter whether you have the conditions to walk or not, you should be ready to go with a complete mentality, because the soul is indestructible.

Zhou Guoping said that more important than success and happiness is that a person must have a true, full soul, which determines a person's ability to strive for success and experience happiness.

If a person has a light source in his heart, he will not be attached, no, in the end he will be alone in his life. In life, in life, he is learning the best others and being the best himself.

A superior heart always has a temperament in its own light source. No matter how impetuous the world is, it can always keep its eyes clear in the chaos of flowers, bathe the morning bell and twilight in the hustle and bustle, and make itself a plant. Glory in walking.

Life is unsatisfactory, but life is never equal. Be a person with a light source in your heart, sow your kindness, and let the goodness come by every day; send out your smile every day is your most beautiful appearance!

Recitation: Wen Xiaoping, former actor of Dalian Repertory Theatre, is currently the Dalian Zhongshan Recitation Artists Association. He has been awarded the Eleventh Drama Star Gold by the Ministry of Culture. Has thirty years of stage recitation experience. There are more than 300 recitations in the Himalayas.

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