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The introduction of Yuan Guobao's "Dou Yin Marketing" comprehensive interpretation of Dou Yin operation strategy

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Recently, Yuan Guobao, the founder of the NewMedia new alliance and Internet business observer, has published a new work "Dou Yin Marketing: Precision Drainage + Operation Strategy + Brand Promotion + Industry Case" published by the Electronic Industry Press. This book is the first book in the country to systematically review the operation logic, strategy and diversified gameplay of the Douyin platform from a marketing perspective. It is also the third book of the author's "Unicorn Enterprise Watch Series".

The growth of unicorn companies has specific internal laws, which are worth observing and analyzing. Compared with the first-generation domestic unicorn companies such as BAT, the new unicorn companies represented by Xiaomi, Pinduoduo, Kuaishou, and Toutiao are not imitating the United States, but have created a unique localization. Characteristic development model. In 2017, Yuan Guobao published the first book "Unicorn: How to Make Your Company Valued at US $ 1 Billion", which is based on the characteristics, incubation, and segmentation of unicorn companies. The creation of a unicorn is the key point, and it explains the progress from a startup to a unicorn. At the beginning of 2019, the second work of the "Unicorn Enterprise Observation Series" selected a lot of benchmarks in China's e-commerce field and comprehensively analyzed its operation mode and development trajectory. The third volume of this series takes Douyin, one of the most popular platforms in the short video field, as the research object, and combines the author's long-term practice and observation in the field of mobile Internet to analyze the marketing strategy of Douyin.

Yuan Guobao has worked for Skynet, China Mobile, Sohu, and 360 companies. At the end of 2014, he initiated the establishment of the NewMedia new alliance. He has been working in the field of mobile Internet and new marketing for more than ten years. He is very keen on new industry phenomena and trends. Observed. As early as 2015, he authored and published the first domestic book on the influence of the Internet Red Economy, the "100 billion bonus market in the era of mobile Internet economy," and first mentioned "2015 is the first year of the Internet Red Economy". The book is in the Mainland. Quickly sold and was introduced to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. At the beginning of 2019, Yuan Guobao made the theme of "short content and new track" at the "New Alliance Grand Ceremony" held by the NewMedia Alliance. He first mentioned the concept of "short content" and pointed out that 2019 is the first year of short content. Landmark. A few months later, he selected Douyin, the company with the most benchmark value in the short content field, as the research object, and planned and published the book "Douyin Marketing: Precision Drainage + Operation Strategy + Brand Promotion + Industry Case".

At the end of May 2019, the vibrato day exceeded 300 million. When short videos appeared, everyone was asking "How long can short videos be hot?" Later, they began to discuss "how can short videos be hot?" Short video platforms are increasingly becoming the new standard for brand marketing. As a leader in short video, Douyin has a richer content scene and a more vigorous creative ecosystem. In order to avoid missing the short video outlet, Tencent, which has two phenomenal social levels, QQ and WeChat, even revived Weishi. Although Weishi received the massive resources support of Tencent, it is still huge compared to Douyin, which has established an absolute leading advantage. gap.

After the great success of Douyin and other brands such as Haidilao and Answer Tea, self-marketing practitioners, brand operators, and other players rushed into Douyin, intending to get a share of it. We can't help thinking, in the era of Douyin traffic bonus, how to use Douyin to accurately drain? How to successfully run Douyin enterprise number? How to empower brands with Douyin? In "Dou Yin Marketing: Precision Draining + Operation Strategy + Brand Promotion + In the Industry Case, Yuan Guobao recounted his observations and reflections.

Under the active exploration of various players, various types of Douyin marketing methods have emerged in large numbers, such as interactive stickers, KOL content customization, and launching challenge events, etc., which can meet the differentiated marketing needs of enterprises in different industries and different development stages. Judging from many practical cases, short videos associated with specific life scenes are more likely to be recognized by users, which can allow users to have a sense of inclusion, stimulate their emotional resonance, and increase the enthusiasm for reposting comments. This is also the vibrato in March 2018. Upgrading its brand slogan to the heart of "Recording a Better Life".

Compared with the already mature Weibo and WeChat, Douyin, which is still in the development stage, has obvious advantages in terms of drainage costs and effects, but this does not mean that Douyin marketing can easily achieve the expected results. It is not a simple thing to stand out in the video, let alone many marketers are still following the traditional marketing model, simply rigid promotion, blind cooperation with KOL, hard case success stories, etc., not only failed to achieve marketing goals, but also wasted A lot of resources.

In view of this, based on an in-depth summary analysis of Douyin marketing, the author Yuan Guobao authored the book Douyin Marketing: Precision Drainage + Operation Strategy + Brand Promotion + Industry Cases, which is based on the characteristics of Douyin platform and systematically combed it. Douyin marketing logic and gameplay, starting from seven perspectives such as Douyin bonus, product operation, content marketing, practical strategy, circle strategy, brand empowerment, industry application, etc., combined with research and practice in the field of mobile Internet marketing, The Douyin marketing strategy is presented in a comprehensive and multi-dimensional three-dimensional presentation, with a view to providing effective guidance and assistance for the marketing practice of self, brand owners, and marketing practitioners.

Guobao Yuan, founder of NewMedia new alliance, new marketing and branding expert, Internet business observer, Sina Weibo million fan opinions, chief expert of the State and Ministry of Commerce. Won the 2016 China New Leadership Award. Former editor-in-chief of Mobile Monternet News Center, celebrity strategy director of Sohu Weibo, and director of 360 company new marketing public relations. With more than ten years of experience in the Internet industry, he has unique insights in the fields of Internet marketing, new development, and IP creation. Author of the best-selling book of the trend observation of the mobile Internet era: "hundreds of billions of bonus market in the era of mobile Internet economy", "pan-entertainment marketing", "how unicorns make your company valued at 1 billion US dollars" Brand. "

Repeatedly provided themes or corporate trainings for hundreds of top domestic universities such as universities, universities, Zhejiang University, Communication University of China, Sun Yat-sen University and Wanda Group, Sinopec, Country Garden Group, China Resources Group, etc. Welcome. He is the new consultant of the university e-commerce research group, visiting professor of Communication and School of Communication University of China, Sun Yat-sen University and Henan University; he is also the guest and special commentator of Central People, Guangdong Satellite TV "Finance and Finance", Finance Channel, and China Education.

In October 2014, the NewMedia Alliance was launched, bringing together the most influential online celebrities on the new platform. It is China's first online celebrity alliance, with “New +” as its core and “Alliance creating value” as its purpose. The "New +" theoretical system developed by R & D provides new system solutions for traditional enterprises and various industries. Dreaming of attending a wedding reception

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