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Comment on Lei: How can you learn ethics and ethics before opening your mouth?

※ Published: 2019-12-17 16:08:42 ※ Published Author: habao ※ Where from:

Recently, the Deyun News comic actor Lei used a slapstick to tease several Peking Opera actresses. This afternoon (25th), the client released "Learning art first, learning morals. "Article commented on the matter.

A crosstalk video of Lei and Yang Jiulang's performance was circulated on the Internet. In the video, the two smashed the Beijing opera female seniors and made them vulgar.

Combing through Ray's past, this is not the first time he has been criticized for his performance. Earlier on, he was widely questioned for taking the earthquake disaster and saying "comfort". After being investigated and punished, I still can't control my mouth. I have apologized but repeatedly challenged the bottom line. Why are such people still thinking?

As an actor, he belongs to Juvenile Dezhi and is a traffic star in the comic dialogue world. However, the more popular it is, the more it is needed; the more "fans" it is, the more it needs to be a good example; the more traffic it is, the more it is necessary to "be cautious" and establish a positive image. Popularity, traffic, and "fans" should never be the capital of an artist's arrogance and arrogance.

It is not a bad thing for an artist to be angry, but he is so proud that he has no heart in his heart and no bottom line in his mouth, which reflects the major problem of art virtue. If this problem is not solved, there is no one who does not fall behind. Can't get along with the bottom line, can't get through with the predecessors, can't get through with the public order and good customs, and in the end it's just about getting through with yourself. Regulators will not sit idly by, and society, including audiences, will not.

"Learning art first and morality first, acting first". I ca n’t learn “morality” by myself, I ca n’t do “people”, and sooner or later I will be abandoned by the stage on which I become famous.

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