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Jiangxia District Campus Football League Perfectly Ends Hydrogen Community Jersey Design Contest Becomes Highlight of Quality Education

※ Published: 2019-12-24 0:06:53 ※ Published Author: habao ※ Where from:

On the afternoon of the 16th, the 2019 Xiajiang Primary School Campus Football League Finals started in Wuhan Haidian Foreign Language Experimental School. Jiang Xia won the junior high school championship with his captain Liu Wenjie's outstanding performance.

After six games, Liu Wenjie scored 16 goals by himself. Although he has entered the third grade, Liu Wenjie still maintains nearly 2 hours of training time after studying every day. "I have been practicing football for 5 years, and I can feel happy every day." Liu Wenjie told reporters, "test with your classmates how to die in your previous life training, games, win, laugh, lose, cry together, everyone learns to unite together To cultivate tacit understanding, football is also our classroom. "

With Jiang Xia winning the championship in the beginning, this year's Jiangxia District Primary and Secondary School Campus Football League officially ended. The competition was hosted by the Education Bureau of Jiangxia District, and hosted by the Chucai Education Institute of the Changjiang Daily Newspaper Group and the Hydrogen Community. In the 12-day event, 113 games were played, and 688 elementary and middle school students indulged in the green field.

The competition is divided into four groups: Primary School Group B, Primary School Group A, Junior High School Group and High School Group. The primary and secondary teams in the first and second groups were won by Jiangxia Experimental Primary School and Zanglong Primary School. Jiangxia Yichu and Jiangxia No. 1 Middle School won the junior and senior high school championships, respectively. This event refers to the setting of large-scale football events. In addition to the group items, each group has also selected individual items such as golden balls, golden boots, and golden gloves, corresponding to the best players, best scorers, and best goalkeepers. .

In order to enhance the participation in the tournament, the organizing committee has set up a “Jersey Design Competition” to encourage primary and secondary school students in the district to design “taties” for their favorite teams, and upload them through the WeChat mini program network of the hydrogen community to feel different football culture. After the game, there will be two selections: "School jersey designer" and "King jersey design popularity king".

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