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Luohu creates pilot nutrition community to build a healthy urban demonstration model

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In recent years, the Luohu District Party Committee has improved the comprehensive prevention and control mechanism of chronic diseases through leading, multi-sectoral actions and the participation of the whole society, effectively controlling the morbidity and mortality of chronic diseases in our district, and in order to further strengthen the effectiveness of the construction of a demonstration area for comprehensive prevention and control of chronic diseases. To achieve the goal of "less sick, less hospitalized, less burden" for residents in our district, improve residents' nutritional literacy and reduce the risk of chronic nutrition-related chronic diseases, our district has carried out demonstration construction of national nutrition community since 2018, and achieved remarkable results.

Shenzhen News Network (Reporter Li Hui) In recent years, the Luohu District Party Committee has improved the comprehensive prevention and control mechanism of chronic diseases through leading, multi-sectoral actions and the participation of the whole society to effectively control the incidence and mortality of chronic diseases in our district. The effectiveness of the construction of a demonstration area for comprehensive prevention and control of chronic diseases has achieved the goal of “less sickness, less hospitalization, and less burden” for residents in our district, improving residents ’nutrition literacy, and reducing the risk of chronic diseases related to nutrition. Since 2018, our district has launched a national nutrition community demonstration Construction work has achieved remarkable results.

It is understood that in the area of Luohu, 180 households who have lived in the two streets of Dongmen and Huangbei for more than 6 months are selected, and questionnaire surveys, physical examinations, and other methods are used to conduct social factor surveys and residents' nutritional status surveys to form The nutrition diagnosis report of Luohu District was evaluated, and the dietary structure, nutrient literacy, malnutrition and epidemic characteristics of nutrition-related chronic diseases of the residents in the area were evaluated. The key nutrition issues and key target groups were identified, and the main nutrition and health intervention strategies and action measures were identified. , To take the lead and sector cooperation to gradually promote the construction of nutrition communities.

The creation of a nutrition community involves multiple fields, covering multiple places in the jurisdiction and various types of people. It is a comprehensive work that requires multi-sectoral division of labor and cooperation and coordinated advancement to achieve tangible results. Luohu's principle of “department linkage and formation of synergy”, in the organization and development of various creation activities and the implementation of prevention and control measures, each department makes full use of its own resources and advantages, earnestly performs its duties, promotes synergy, forms a joint effort, and vigorously promotes the creation of Work goes deep.

At the same time, nutrition science huts or nutrition activity rooms are set up in the community activity centers, enterprises, institutions, schools and kindergartens in the streets. The health self-service test points of the community health centers in the area have achieved full coverage. It is understood that, with the advancement of nutrition community work, 8 self-test points of social health have added personalized nutrition assessment and guidance functions, and 3 community health Introduced a nutrition survey intelligent collection system. At present, there are a total of 40 bulletin boards and display areas for nutrition-related knowledge in the jurisdiction, and accessible nutritional and health-related publicity materials are placed in 36 fixed places such as the street community health and community family doctor studios for residents to read. Create a nutritious atmosphere.

Luohu widely promotes nutrition knowledge, and compiles promotional materials according to local conditions. Based on the main nutritional problems of residents in the area, it formulates publicity programs, combines nutrition monitoring data of residents in the area, and compiles 28 kinds of nutritional science popularization materials for different groups of people.

In promoting the normalization of nutritional science popularization activities, the area under its jurisdiction combined national nutrition week, national food safety promotion week, national student nutrition day, and breastfeeding week to carry out nutrition promotion work in 10 streets in the district, giving full play to its role through micro-signals, Websites to promote nutrition science knowledge. According to statistics, in Luohu District in 2019, the National Nutrition Week series of activities will be held 18 times, covering 10 communities, printing and distributing more than 10,000 copies, 1700 direct audiences, and 10 experts directly participating.

In the construction of nutrition science popularization team, strengthen training and training. Experts in clinical nutrition, maternal and child nutrition, public nutrition and other fields are invited to form an expert team throughout the city, and Luohu District medical specialty nutrition science popularization personnel will be integrated into Luohu District Health Team, and schools will be trained in various schools and kindergartens. Establish a nutrition science popularization team, train healthy and establish street scientific popularization teams in each street, and form a nutrition science popularization team system composed of city-district-street, experts-professional and technical personnel-campus doctor-health promotion staff.

During 2012-2018, under the leadership of the Luohu District Slow Hospital, 168 health units were created. Based on this, during the establishment of the nutrition community from May 2018 to May 2019, 5 of these health units were upgraded and created into nutrition. Units, including 1 nutrition, 1 nutrition kindergarten, 1 nutrition canteen, 1 nutrition restaurant, 1 nutrition unit, and innovatively created 1 nutrition supermarket, to create a typical model of nutrition demonstration.

There are 5 community health centers including Luogang Community Health, Hubei Community Health, Changling Community Health, Huangbeiling Community Health, and Wenjin Community Health in Luohu area. There is a special nutrition consultation room. Clinical nutrition specialists in the top three hospitals make regular weekly visits, provide nutrition consultation, guidance and education services for community residents, and implement outpatient nutrition evaluation. Each community health center provides guidance and consultation for nutritional catering for the elderly, pregnant women, infants, and patients with chronic diseases.

At the same time, set up a nutrition corner and carry out outpatient nutrition assessment. There are fixed publicity bars and display windows for 39 communities, and the publicity bars and display windows have nutrition related knowledge publicity content and are regularly replaced. The height and weight measurement system for outpatient clinics was implemented for all community health centers in the jurisdiction. The height and weight rate of first clinic examinations were 30%. To carry out nutrition-related disease management, six communities in the jurisdiction established a weight management team to systematically manage the overweight and obese high-risk groups and patients in the community.

In promoting the demonstration and creation of the nutrition community, Luohu closely integrated with the actual situation, leveraging the original work foundation, firmly grasped the focus of work, boldly innovated and explored, and strived to create Luohu characteristics and highlights. Organically combine the work of creating a nutrition demonstration area with the construction of a healthy urban area to create a demonstration model. Dongmen Street combines Luohu's medical reform to benefit the people, innovate work, and achieve a healthy community of “jointly building, sharing and managing together” and has achieved a lot of results. It has been identified as a demonstration site for the creation of nutrition communities in Luohu District.

With the cooperation of Shenzhen CDC, Luohu District Health and Health Bureau, Dongmen Sub-district Office, Luohu District CDC and other relevant departments, a series of "nutrition communities" were created, including community nutrition diagnosis and nutrition slogan collection. The selection, oil control and salt limit operation, nutrition supermarket, Ma Yi defeated the nutrition school, milk operation, etc., created a model for the creation of a nutrition community, and will be replicated and promoted in the district.

In addition, Luohu also uses the Internet + technology to carry out innovative nutrition interventions. In the prevention and control of obesity and overweight, intelligent tools such as the Internet of Things + health were applied to 5 demonstration kindergartens and 7 pilot schools for obesity prevention and treatment, and nutritional dietary knowledge education, nutrition evaluation and evaluation were conducted for children's parents through APP; in nutrition supermarkets During the construction, the nutrition workstation introduced intelligent online diet evaluation software and food procurement software to provide residents with nutrition evaluation and guidance in the supermarket.

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