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How does a financial manager conduct community marketing?

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And financial managers can use community business marketing to truly achieve low-cost customer relationships. Extend customer relationships to more communities in the community, with high-density coverage.

The customer base is huge and complex, so the target of our business development is not the community, or even the residents, but the relationship groups (a network with interrelationships, including similar communities and community emotions) that exist in this area.

What are the related groups in the community? Do they have similar emotions and lifestyles? When it comes to community groups, the first group of square dance aunts may come to mind. Indeed, they are now in the limelight in community financial marketing, but let's think about it, in addition to the square dance group, there are parent-child groups, car friends groups, donkey friends groups, mahjong groups, sports fitness groups, food cooking groups ...

The first step in conducting community customer base analysis to take financial services to the community. It is possible to analyze different groups and serve them from different aspects, laying the foundation for our successful integration into the community.

In terms of group analysis methods, you can first conduct a survey through property visits, residents visits, and community business circle visits, and then use a structured method to summarize and summarize group consumer preferences, behavior characteristics, and financial service needs.

When the preliminary community analysis is completed, we will look at these communities, and we will no longer see residential buildings, individual residents, but people-to-people relationships, and key network nodes. (Center of influence). This will be the basis for our business development, customer relations, and subsequent customer referrals and operations.

The “entrance” needs to be determined before the community branch opens. The entrance is a channel that can import a large amount of customer traffic. They are often the gathering point and activity point of nearby residents. Such as community supermarkets, beauty shops, car beauty shops, laundry, community activity centers, community clubs, etc. Once the "entry" has been determined, start thinking: how to turn these residential traffic into customer flows? What is the value of these customers? High cost? ... this series of questions. For example, in a residential club, the passenger flow is basically the owner of the residential area, and the cost is high, but the customer value is also high. On the contrary, in the commercial supermarket, the passenger flow is large and the cost is low, but the customer value is uneven.

It is worth noting that when a wealth management manager first enters a community for marketing, it needs a large number of customers to accumulate. At this time, the "entry" with large flow and low cost should be preferred; and when the wealth management manager has entered a community and has After a certain customer accumulation, you can choose a key "entry" to make breakthroughs and increase the proportion of value customers.

Having identified the customer groups for marketing, and also found the "entry" of marketing, at this time, we need to find a way to quickly find breakthroughs and breakthroughs. The purpose of breakthroughs and breakthroughs is to acquire a large number of customers in batches in a short period of time, and to expand brand awareness and influence of outlets. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully design marketing activities in the early stages of the opening of community branches.

When formulating and selecting marketing activities, try to pay attention to the following goals: covering the main groups of the community, one-time mass customer acquisition, and great influence. For example, one community bank united nearly 10 fruit sellers around the community one month before the opening of the community to conduct a "community bank, benefits around you"-open card to send fresh fruit activities, 100 places per week for 4 consecutive weeks, receive fruit points Time is in stages. The form of the event is simple and effective, and the cycle is long, causing a sensation in the community and bringing frequent customer contact opportunities in the later stages.

(I) Attach importance to each customer contact, take affection first, sincerity as the basis, bit by bit, and maintain for a long time. Clients are lazy and will not easily disclose their investment intentions. Maintaining more active and frequent and appropriate contact is the first step;

(B) For different types of customers, choose a good import product. Through preliminary group analysis and customer contact, understand the customer's initial needs (such as cross-bank, off-site and cross-border transfer needs), the preference for fixed-income fixed income, the need to buy a house, etc .; fully explore the initial customer acquisition attributes of the bank's existing products, Choose products with higher returns and distinctive selling points.

(3) The timing of customers is very important. The account managers of community branches often fail to grasp the timing of customers and exert an average force on all customers. The main reason is that the customers are not classified and screened, and the customers are not summarized according to the community relationship, which leads to the consequences of blind development and large and small customers running away.

Community financial managers need to set customer goals for each marketing campaign and implement them at each step of the community's activities, such as: effective customer information registration, customer card openings, and customer arrival rates.

Community customers and traditional customers have different attributes, one of which is that the customer group is closer. So after the community branch has accumulated a certain customer base and established a relatively stable customer relationship, it can consider extending marketing through old customers. The relatively easy-to-extend relationships in the community are mainly family relationships, neighborhood relationships, and common living characteristics groups (parents, riders, fitness, retirement), etc. Different relationship extension models are also different. Pay attention to the following points when extending relationship marketing:

1. Let it be, avoid moving it hard. Extension relationships are relatively private, and customers are often reluctant to recommend them, but once recommended, the success rate is high. Therefore, we can use the activities such as "Father's Day and Mother's Day", "Parent-Children's Homeland", and "Community Good Neighbors" to extend the relationship to the customer's surrounding groups.

2. Be the central figure in marketing community groups first. They often have influence and power on the community, and their choice and identification will bring huge demonstration effects, reduce marketing costs, and acquire customers in batches. Such as the square dance leader, the more influential elderly in the retired group, the management of the industry committee, and so on.

3. Formulate the rules of the complete game of Flicker Beauty Boss, and encourage customers to extend. For example, a certain branch of CITIC Bank marketed the "Happy Years Card" and established a policy for points to exchange gifts. Referral customers can also get points. Customers have introduced Happy New Year cards to friends and relatives. Customers strongly recommended that CITIC Bank's "Happy Years Card" quickly become well-known in the surrounding area. Many elderly customers went to the branch office to apply for the Happy Year Card.

4. Establish a community business alliance to provide personalized services for the community. Cooperate with merchants to provide consumption discounts and customer sharing in order to increase customer acquisition and card openings. Second, it can cooperate with surrounding merchants to provide value-added services to customers, such as: car beauty, sports and leisure, catering reservations, and strengthen marketing to segmented customers; Finally, cooperate with merchants to establish a community life membership system, attract mass users in batches, and create hot spots for community consumption.

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