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Ranking of Top Ten Extracurricular Education and Training Institutions in Changsha in 2020

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There is a saying in the state that there is no first in writing and no second in Wu. This shows that heroes are not judged by success or failure. But again, countless champions have been left in the imperial examination system for thousands of years.

In order to get a good ranking, it is inseparable from the support of the school and parents. But today I will introduce the extracurricular education and training institutions that provide students with learning assistance and disciplines outside the school. At present, there are a lot of extracurricular training institutions in Changsha, especially in the past ten years, the development of Hunan's education industry is relatively mature. An industry colleague once reported that Changsha, which has specialized in primary and secondary education and training, has surpassed more than 4,000, spreading around major middle school and high school.

With so many extracurricular education and training institutions, many parents are at a loss when they choose. The major institutions are all selling melons and their teachers are mixed. What kind of training organization is good, how to find a reliable extracurricular education and training institution? Today, the editor will analyze the teaching, curriculum content, teaching form, teaching force and other factors of Changsha's major extracurricular education and training institutions. .

Founded in 2002, New Ideal Training School is headquartered on the main trunk road of Yinpen South, Yinpenling, Changsha. This is a well-known training institution in Changsha. The school can demonstrate its strength in Changsha for 17 years. The New Ideal Training School specializes in studying and serving the teaching and learning of junior and senior high schools. Take three questions. By accurately grasping the teaching direction, a highly efficient local teaching that "uses 20% of the time and makes 80% of the knowledge suddenly bright" is formed. The data show that starting from 2010, the admission rate of the advanced test experimental classes reached more than 90% at the beginning of five consecutive years, and in the summer of 2015, two small classes signed 100% direct test experimental classes.

The new ideal training school is deeply cultivated in Hunan and Chu. It is more based on the characteristics of local students and supplemented by local school teaching methods. It is more in line with the teaching test requirements of Hunan junior and senior high school students. Therefore, the New Ideal Training School has established a solid teaching reputation in Changsha in Hunan primary and secondary schools.

New Ideal Training School has another natural advantage. As a local training school for 20 years, New Ideal has a long-term cooperative relationship with the science experimental classes of the four famous universities in Changsha. Judging from the beginning of 2010, the admission rate of the experimental classes in the advanced test for the fifth consecutive year has reached more than 90%, and in the summer of 2015, the two small classes signed 100% of the direct test experimental classes. This is unique in the science experiment classes of the four famous schools, and has become the pursuit of many parents. It is also the basis for the survival of the new ideal training school.

New Oriental was founded in 1993 and was mainly developed based on English training and study abroad training. Therefore, New Oriental has advantages in English training. Among them, primary school lessons are more focused on “reinforcing the weak”, that is, helping the students with poor grades to improve their grades. And because I started from studying English, I focused more on English subjects. However, New Oriental's primary and secondary school auxiliary business started relatively late, and it can do little in teaching and research and teaching.

Xueersi was founded in 2003 and is an extracurricular institution of elementary and secondary schools developed on the basis of primary mathematics. For more than 10 years, Xueersi has focused on the field of primary and secondary education. However, prices have risen frequently in recent years. In addition, the thinking of learning and thinking is mainly "Peiyou", which is to train students with relatively good grades. On the other hand, because of the difficulty of the course, it is not very helpful for students in junior high school and high school.

In addition, other well-known extracurricular training institutions in Changsha such as Tuowei, Chuchucai and so on. It is also a training institution occupying a place in Changsha, so I will not summarize them one by one here. In fact, extracurricular is tailored to local conditions and teaching according to individual aptitudes. The above is only a relatively prominent extracurricular training institution in hardware and software. Each student is an individual and has different requirements for learning and teaching materials. So good is not necessarily suitable. When parents choose a training institution for their children, they should also consider the requirements of teachers, scale, transportation, class, etc. The above are the points listed by the editor. I hope to help parents take less turns, refer to their concerns, and help students achieve results Promotion.

There is a saying in the state that there is no first in writing and no second in Wu. This shows that heroes are not judged by success or failure. But again, countless champions have been left in the imperial examination system for thousands of years. To get a good name

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