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The Double Helix of University Education in the Internet Age

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The Widows Interconnection (IoE) in Shanliu Village is a concept that has gradually emerged in recent years, which means that people, data, processes and things are combined through the Internet to make them more relevant and valuable. The concept of interconnection is based on the Internet of Things (IoT), which makes the application of the Internet more extensive. It can use information as action, create new functions for countries, businesses and individuals, and bring a richer experience and unprecedented economic development. opportunity.

With the advent of the 5G era, the power of the Internet is growing exponentially, and interconnection has provided us with a broader perspective and development prospects. Against this background, how should the education industry seize the opportunity to create better quality teaching services? Xueda Education delivered the answer sheet with a double helix to deeply integrate online teaching and offline teaching, link teaching as a whole, and maintain a systematic approach. At the same time, learning is integrated into daily life through flexible teaching forms, completing the "interconnection" between learning and life, and effectively using fragmented time.

Systematic learning refers to treating what you have learned as a complete system, starting from a general direction to guide learning, and then gradually clarifying details, improving the structure and focusing on defects and deficiencies under a large framework. This kind of learning method pays more attention to logic, reasoning process and the principles behind it. It can help children "know what it is" and "know why it is", but it also needs a higher degree of learning coherence to achieve a consistent overall learning pace.

The double-spiral strategy launched by Xueda Education this year is to learn the coherence of behavior through the deep integration of online and offline. Close-range offline teaching and learning to better transfer knowledge to children; online question-and-answer assistance to consolidate learning content and deepen memory; the two lines go hand in hand and complement each other to form a synergy. Led by the double-spiral strategy, students at GDU will have a more complete learning experience, and they can maintain the overall learning continuity through the integrated teaching mode of online + offline.

In the current era, "fragmentation" has become a mega trend. Both knowledge and time are moving towards fragmentation, which has led to the "fragmented learning" method. Compared with systematic learning, fragmented learning simplifies the process, can quickly reach conclusions, lower time and space costs, diversified learning and high flexibility; but at the same time, fragmented learning will reduce the disadvantages of deep thinking ability It cannot be ignored. Therefore, we need a learning method that can effectively use the fragmented time, and at the same time guide the students' thinking and growth.

The dual-spiral model of the University of Education, through the application of the online platform, realizes multi-scenario teaching, improves the immersion of learning, and effectively uses the fragmented time. Whether students are at school, at school, or at home, when students find problems, they can communicate with teachers through online platforms to fully stimulate students' enthusiasm for learning; or use the online platform to conduct question banks to develop autonomous learning capabilities. It is worth mentioning that these fragmented time studies are matched with the daily systematic learning, which is an exclusive program customized by the university education around the individual needs of each student. This learning method not only meets the use of fragmented time, but also guides the child's thinking growth, while taking into account the daily learning needs, is the best answer to the current era of education and teaching services submitted by Xueda Education.

In the connected era, fragmented learning and systematic learning are not contradictory. The basic of fragmented learning is to use fragmented time to enrich one's cognitive depth and cognitive breadth, not just to learn fragmented knowledge. Those who are really good at learning are good at using fragmented time to complete long-term continuous learning. Only by learning knowledge and improving one's cognitive level and thinking mode can he better and surpass this era.

On the evening of November 6, Jolin Tsai reposted the video of the love song "gravity" with Wang Junkai, with a text saying: "In fact, I especially like to sing this kind of genre ~ I won the wedding singer throne solidly.

In the middle of the night on November 5, two charter flights from the Philippines landed at Xian Xianyang International Airport in Shaanxi, Shaanxi Province, and 301 suspects of telecommunications network fraud were returned to Shaanxi Province.

41-year-old Ran Jingqing is the first resident in Dahekou Village, Cangling Town, Liyang. In the early morning of October 16, Ran Jingqing wrote some diaries for the day ahead of time during overtime. At 3 in the morning, Ran Jingqing suddenly felt uncomfortable, and "snugged" at the desk to accompany everyone. But his "sad" never woke up again.

"Although we are not related by blood, I believe that through the connection of hematopoietic stem cells, we will be loved ones with thicker blood than water in the future!"

The National Human Organ Donation Promotion Campus was held recently at Wenzhou Medical University in Zhejiang Province. More than 240 volunteers on site signed a voluntary letter for human organ donation.

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