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What it takes to be a good little journalist

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Requirements for young reporters

Read more extracurricular books, interact more with strangers, write more articles, broaden your horizons, and understand society ... "

Requirements for a young reporter:

First, right and wrong. Young journalists do publicity and propaganda work. What do they advocate? What do they oppose? Their attitude should be very clear. In the lives of elementary and middle school students, there are indeed some uncivilized and unhealthy phenomena. Primary journalists should clearly oppose them and vigorously advocate positive things.

Second, it is rich in knowledge. The news written by young reporters is multi-faceted, so it is necessary to understand all aspects of knowledge. You can enrich your knowledge by reading books and newspapers, listening to radio, watching TV, and collecting information. Little reporters do not seek special knowledge and deep knowledge in all aspects, but they must understand to avoid intellectual errors in writing.

Third, highly sensitive. There is a lot of information in today's society, but not all of this information can constitute news. Young reporters need to be able to keenly find clues of news value, timely discover those important, fresh, and valuable news clues, and keep up with them so that they can produce valuable news. If a young reporter wrote "Little Bailu Wins the Lawsuit", it is a news release written from the perspective of protecting the legal rights of children and children.

Fourth, bear hardships and stand hard work. It's also very hard to be a small reporter. Only a little bit of hard work can make a difference. Because good news doesn't come to you, you need to dig it out yourself. Two young reporters from the 14th National Congress of the Communist Youth League in Kaifeng interviewed the delegates during the day and wrote at night until late at night. It was very hard, but they successfully completed the interview task.

Fifth, make friends. Young reporters need to make friends, because the more friends there are, the more news windows. These friends include your classmates, friends, teachers, parents, and journalists. There are many news clues, friends will provide you in a timely and proactive manner, and lack of friends is not a good reporter.

6. Diligent writing. In the face of the same news fact, different small reporters write different reports, which is caused by different basic writing skills. Young journalists should study diligently, insist on writing, learn good writing methods from others, and constantly improve their writing skills.

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